Tuesday, April 1, 2008

All Lyrics Posted

You can see them all here at Leo's Lyrics. I've noticed that these lyrics sites steal from, borrow from or contribute to each other, so soon the lyrics to all Stinging Rain's recorded tunes will be all over cyberspace in various collections.

I'm not sure where this great action photo was shot. Maybe Graffiti? Whoever snapped it had developed it backwards so Nate looked like a lefty. We liked the shot, but we didn't want to have it redeveloped. Needless to say, I corrected it with two or three mouse clicks. Computers make short work of things that used to be big problems.


merlin said...

From Brett:

I want to say it was on the main stage at Pew Auditorium in Pew fine Arts center because that looks like a scrim behind everything and for some reason I thought it was with a bunch of other shots from that show (Spring 1989 I think)when I pulled it out of the suitcase, but I don't think Nate looked like that at that time and I was thinking he got the strat after that, but I could be entirely wrong on all those related matters ... and am for certain wrong on a good many things ... to quote Paul Simon in "Sure Don't Feel Like Love" from the "Surprise" album "I remember once in August 1993, I was wrong, and I could be wrong again" ... the world may never know ...

Interesting what comes back to you: a fellow grad student lent me CDs of a band called Zox, the fellow grad student is from RI and Zox is out of there and tours around here, I liked the Zox stuff (kind of ska/funk) and so I went on their site to see where they would be playing ... they're touring the country right now, including The Masquerade in Atlanta, where we and 4 other bands opened for the dead milkmen for a benefit, and the club in Pittsburgh called Diesel, which was called Nick's Fat City when we played there a couple times.

merlin said...

Sorry about that ... tried to use the back button, which apparently performs a gemini/duplication charm