Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Dream now available from CD Baby

Click here, or use the link in the right side bar to purchase the MP3 version of The Dream.

I'm doing a lot more development on the Wiki and I added a bunch of new lyrics. All lyrics from The Dream are up now and linked on the page for our 1991 EP. Do people call short CDs "EPs" anymore?

Here's a photo from the brown suitcase: Nate recording an acoustic track at Alphastar.

Well, this shot was probably from "The Dream Sessions", but who knows. It's a little irritating that I don't know the dates to a lot of these shots. It's very intriguing to me how much I forget. I remember all the inside jokes, though, which isn't surprising since I originated most of them and was the inspiration and subject matter for the rest.

The Dream isn't available on iTunes or the other big services yet, I expect it should be within a week. That's about how long it took last time for Face of Stephen.

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