Thursday, March 6, 2008

I have no idea if this video "works" or not...

One of the band's favorite songs ever. I remember a lot of Talk Talk being played at the plant. I found a cassette of Spirit of Eden in a bargain bin sometime in 1988 or 89. It really took awhile to grow on me -- check out the choral Kyrie in the background, just barely audible.

This is a Youtube piece entitled "Video Mashup of Talk Talk to Ernie Kovacs". This was the only vid of the 6 minute version I could find. Here's a cool "real" video of the 4 minute version featuring Mark Hollis, the man himself.

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zacharythax said...

I have a VHS tape of the Slippery Rock watermelon days show at Slippery Rock park with one-channel audio. It was a great video because the concert was at dusk and the latter half of it shows all of us dancing and kicking dust with the lights shining through it like a laser show.

Plus I thought the best recording of Stinging Rain from that time was the cassette recording that Tower made in Paul Fry's garage that Nathan thought wasn't good enough. I think he said once he wanted all copies destroyed.